My camera is an excuse to be outside, to walk in the woods, wander the beach, get down in the grass, and see the things I discovered as a child.  I am happiest with my camera in my hands and a lens that offers a different look at the world.  I have always loved taking pictures of flowers. The saturated colors, velvet petals, and wet morning dew drops have drawn me into the center of these blossoms. I am content to be a part of that inner world.  Then of course the birds have totally captured a sleeping part of me. I have become a social butterfly, introducing myself to so many of them. They don’t always want to be near me, but we wait it out and some pretty amazing conversations have occurred.  Landscapes usually happen to me while I’m shooting something else!  I tend to concentrate on closeness, as I do in other parts of my life, so sometimes the bigger picture is happening all around me and I am immersed in the closeness.  I am ready for the challenge of seeing beyond my first impressions. My landscape portfolio is my youngest endeavor and it still needs nurturing.  I am not always comfortable making pictures of people.  If I can fade into the moment in time and quietly focus and shoot I feel more connected.  I get better results when I have gone unnoticed.  And of course the light, there is so much to discover in it.  It continues to draw me in.

For purchasing prints, cards and any other general inquiries, please contact Phyllis Weekes.

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