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My camera is an excuse to be out in nature, to walk in the woods, to wander the beach, get down in the grass and see the things I discovered as a child. I am happiest with a camera in my hand and a lens that offers a different view of the world. I can spend hours seeing the repeated patterns of nature, the changing light, the way colors reflect the sky. The longer I stay, the deeper the experience with my camera evolves. When I return to the studio and download my raw images, the editing process becomes as important as the shoot. My vision becomes a photograph that reflects my personal experience. Sharing it with you completes my creative circle.

Phyllis Weekes lives in both Long Island and Florida with her husband and Brussels Griffin, Maggie. She is the extremely proud grandmother of six “littles” who provide endless fun and inspirations for her photography. After many years of creating and managing a thriving jewelry design business, A Weekes Work, Phyllis changed gears around 2005 and devoted her artistic talents to photography. She has self published many books, sold fine art prints and enjoys donating most profits to charity. Her greeting card business sends her love of nature around the country. Her blog is her vehicle to express herself to you.  Enjoy it here.

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